ResveraShield: resveratrol immune system support


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What does ResveraShield contribute to?

  • Leptin suppression
  • Normal blood circulation
  • Improved LDL cholesterol
  • Improved insulin sensitivity
  • Healthy endurance and ability to recover
  • Healthier skin
  • Stronger bones
  • Good intestinal flora
  • Inhibits muscle atrophy
  • Improved cerebral blood flow
  • Improved liver function

What makes ResveraShield better than regular resveratrol?

Resveratrol is an antioxidant that activates a body’s own mechanism, making our body cells more resilient. This process occurs because the adhesion between the proteins SIRT1 and LMNA improves (1), when they come into contact with resveratrol. For this effect to take place it is important that resveratrol actually enters the bloodstream, not every resveratrol product does this equally well. With ResveraShield we took into account all the limitations of resveratrol, which helped us in developing a resveratrol product that lives up to the reputation of resveratrol.


Bioavailability represents the extent to which a drug enters the bloodstream. The bioavailability of resveratrol normally is quite low. This bioavailability is influenced by the composition of the product and the chemical form of resveratrol that is used. For example, we use trans-resveratrol for our products, which is more easily absorbed than cis-resveratrol. Piperine (©Bioperine) has been added to this ingredient, which increases bioavailability by a whopping 229% (2). This means that our dosage of as much as 200 mg is as powerful as a dosage of 458 mg trans-resveratrol without any additions of ingredients that promote absorption.


Resveratrol indirectly activates the SIRT1 protein. This protein, SIRT1, relies on coenzyme NAD+ for output of its functions (3). Our body can produce NAD+ from so-called precursors, including a form of vitamin B3: Niacinamide (4). ResveraShield contains no less than 100 mg of Niacinamide, making it easier for the body to synthesize NAD+. This makes ResveraShield much more effective than other resveratrol products.


You often see other providers that claim to offer a high dosage of resveratrol, while in fact offering a product with a standardization rate of 50% or even lower. Standardization stands for the degree of purity of an ingredient. The use of ingredients with low standardization comes at the expense of the quality of the product. Our resveratrol is standardized at a whopping 98%, making it top quality resveratrol.

Who is ResveraShield suitable for?

ResveraShield can support the normal function of the immune system,thanks to its antioxidative, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antiproliferative and angio regulatory effects.

ResveraShield is an excellent dietary supplement for people in their 30s,who wish to stay healthy. As one gets older, SIRT1 becomes less active and less NAD+ is available in the body. This makes ResveraShield very effective for people, in whom aging of the body plays a role.

Thanks to the positive effects of ResveraShield on the heart and blood vessels, it increases aerobic capacity. This makes ResveraShield an excellent dietary supplement for endurance athletes.

Not sure what product to pick? Which product best suits my needs?

ResveraShield is an effective resveratrol product that uses a clever combination of ingredients that is comparable with dosages regularly used in clinical trials (500mg). The ingredients of Bright Mind have a synergistic collaboration with the ingredients in ResveraShield. That’s why Bright Mind is an excellent addition to ResveraShield, the combination makes both dietary supplements a lot stronger. The products can be used separately, but work together flawlessly.

How can I best take the product?

Take one tablet a day, preferably with a meal. Do not exceed recommended daily dose.

Avoid use during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Resveratrol has interactions with medications, including blood thinners. In case of medication and disease, always consult an expert before taking supplements.

Why Elixir Life?

We offer a number of top products, of high quality, produced entirely according to our own unique formulas. Elsewhere, you often see that the ingredients are sold separately or that combined ingredients have no added value. At Elixir Life you are assured that you will get a product that has been given plenty of thought. Owing to our evidence-based formulas, our ingredients end up in all the right places in the body. Users of our powerful combination of antioxidants usually notice their positive effects within a month.

Good value for money

Our products are not cheap, but they are the cheapest in their respective categories. A small search on Google or quickly proves that there is no comparable formula on the market, for a lower price.

Evidence based

For our products, we do not use useless ingredients without synergistic effect only to foncuse our customers with a long list of ingredients. Instead, only ingredients with a synergistic effect are used that not only enhance each other’s effect, but also increase the absorption of the ingredients into the bloodstream in their combination.

High-quality ingredients

Our unique products are produced exclusively for Elixir Life in the Netherlands. Because of our close connections with the laboratory with which we work, we can guarantee the quality of our product. The ingredients of our products are of the best quality, we use only the most effective ingredients with the highest possible standardization rate. Ingredients of supplements are often sold as “high dosages”, while the low standardization of such products comes at the expense of the effectivity of the final product.

Safe to use

Our products are safe to use, owing to an absolute mimimum of heavy metals and fillers. In addition, our dietary supplements do not contain any animal products. Used ingredients are clinically tested in high doses, without any side effects being found.

No fooling around

At Elixir Life we don’t fool around: The dosages mentioned apply per dosage, which is one capsule a day. What you often see is that the front of a product makes you think that you can go six months with 180 capsules, after which you find out that the dosages on the back of the packaging apply per daily dosage of, say 6 capsules. Also, we do not use aliases on our labels as “proprietary blends”, of which you do not know what is inside of them. Proprietary blends are usually a cover-up for a bad formula. Also, you won’t find an endless list of random ingredients on our label, to confuse the customer. We only use synergistic ingredients of the highest quality, that flawlessly support each other.

In our blog we explain more about the effects and underlying mechanisms of resveratrol.


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