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Elixir Life helps your body live up to its potential. Our products instruct the cells to protect themselves, causing them to become more resilient to stress. As a result, your cells will provide you with more energy. This effect can usually be felt and seen within a month.

For our unique and evidence-based formulas, we only use high-quality and natural ingredients of the highest quality that fit together seamlessly. We do not add unnecessary ingredients or fillers, but instead aim to have a product as pure as possible.

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The force of nature, in a capsule.

Boost your mitochondrial health with Strong Heart. Users notice improvements in endurance and skin within a month. 

Bright Mind is specially developed to protect the brain. In addition to experiencing a clear mind, the high curcumin dosage also provides joint pain relief.

ResveraShield is basically Strong Heart’s little brother. The effectiveness of this resveratrol supplement corresponds to dosages used in clinical trials.

We provide supplements as well as information, to help you improve your health

Strong Heart

Benefits of Strong Heart:

✓ More energy (ATP) in mitochondria

✓ Improve endurance and recovery capacity

✓ Better (cerebral) blood flow

✓ Supports the immune system

✓ Reduces acne

✓ Powerful antioxidant

✓ Powerful anti-inflammatory

Composition per. capsule:

✓ Pterostilbene 100 mg (99%)

✓ Trans-resveratrol 100 mg (98%)

✓ Vitamin B3 (niacinamide) 250 mg (RI 1562%)

✓ Quercetin 50 mg (95%)

✓ OPC (grapeseed extract) 50 mg

✓ Black pepper Extract (Bioperine®) 10 mg

€69,95 / 60 veg. Capsules

Bright Mind

Benefits of Bright Mind:

✓ Protects brain cells

✓ Reduces symptoms of anxiety and stress

✓ Supports the immune system

✓ Strengthens bones and joints

✓ Powerful antioxidant

✓ Powerful anti-inflammatory

✓ Improves cerebral blood flow

Composition per tablet:

✓ Curcumin 500 mg (95%)

✓ Green tea extract 150 mg (95% polyphenols: 50% EGCG)

✓ L-Theanine 50 mg (100%)

✓ Black pepper Extract (Bioperine®) 10 mg

€29,95 / 60 tablets


Benefits of ResveraShield:

✓ Effects comparable with frequently used dosages

in clinical trials, based on 500 mg.

✓ The main ingredient resveratrol is optimally enhanced

by BioPerine® and Niacinamide.

✓ Supports the immune system

✓ Supports functions of heart and blood vessels

✓ Powerful antioxidant

✓ Powerful anti-inflammatory

Composition per tablet:

✓ Vitamin B3 (niacinamide) 100 mg (RI 625%)

✓ Trans-resveratrol (Polygonum cuspidatum) 200 mg (98%)

✓ Black pepper Extract (Bioperine®) 5 mg

€49,95 / 60 tablets

Our blog

Welcome to our blog! 

We summarize scientific research on: resveratrol, pterostilbeen, quercetin, curcumin, autophagy, ATP, mitochondria, intermittent fasting and related topics. 

Articles posted here are not medical advice, but an interpretation of the scientific knowledge that is currently available.

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Recovering from COVID-19

Case: recovering from the coronavirus I recently got infected with SARS-CoV-2. Since I rarely get sick, I thought it’d be
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wat maakt resveratrol gezond

Wat maakt resveratrol gezond? Lees hier de 6 voordelen van resveratrol

Wat is resveratrol? Resveratrol is een krachtige van nature voorkomende antixoidant, die door onder andere druiven en bessen wordt geproduceerd
[Lees verder]

Resveratrol and pterostilbeen can effectively inhibit sars-cov-2 reproduction in vitro

The UMCG investigated the antiviral effect of resvertrol and pterostilbeen on the coronavirus in vitro Recently, a research paper was
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aging sirt1 blunted gene expression

Why are supplements aimed towards SIRT1 gene expression interesting for the elderly?

Key takeaways: ✓ Both resveratrol and calorie restriction have a positive effect on lifespan in several organisms. ✓ The lifespan-extending
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sirt1 golf meepakken

SIRT1 activation: When can I best take resveratrol, pterostilbene, curcumin and quercetin for optimal effect?

Key takeaways: ✓ Preferably consumed in the morning, or evening, but not during the day. ✓ Consume with water, with
[Lees verder]
gewicht speelt een factor in insuline resistentie

Insulineresistentie en diabetes mellitus type 2

Bij insulineresistentie nemen lichaamscellen geen glucose meer op bij aanwezigheid van insuline, wat leidt tot verhoogde kans op diabetes mellitus type 2.
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autofagie mtor balans

Hoe autofagie lichaamscellen gezond houdt

Autofagie is een belangrijk proces voor gezonde celhuishouding, waarbij oude lichaamscellen worden gebruikt om goed functionerende cellen te beschermen.
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Het effect van resveratrol en pterostilbeen op mitochondriën door SIRT1 activatie.

Geen inleiding nodig? Lees direct over het mechanisme van SIRT1 Hoe stilbenoïden als resveratrol en pterostilbeen een positief effect hebben
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Essentiële vitamines zijn belangrijk voor het immuunsysteem. COVID-19 of niet

Baanbrekend nieuws: essentiële vitamines zijn essentieel, ook als u COVID-19 positief bent.
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Resveratrol en het effect op de bloeddruk

Resveratrol en het effect op de bloeddruk Er is veel onderzoek gedaan naar de antioxidatieve werking van resveratrol en wat
[Lees verder]

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